Handspun Yarn

My Old Kentucky Home Spun has been a ribbon winning yarn line since its inception in 2012. A total of five ribbons won, two at the Kentucky State Fair in 2012, one at the Kentucky State Fair in 2013, and two at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in 2014. More information can be found in the ‘About’ tab on my homepage.

Recently I have been spinning 100% Romney wool raised in Kentucky at Sweet Home Spun. I have three different natural fleece colors that will be dyed in Indigo once spun.




New Yarn Tags:

Typewritten on recycled paper using my Grandmother’s Royal Quiet De Luxe from the 1940’s. I emboss each tag with ‘My Old Kentucky Home Spun’, the date it was established ‘2012’, and my name ‘Jenna Leigh’.

Royal Quiet De Luxe


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